Q1. What is the history of ACSFA?

AMERICA-CHINA STEEL FRAMING ASSOCIATION (ACSFA) was registered in the United States in 2019. ACSFA was jointly initiated by Professor Yu, Cheng from University of North Texas in the United States and Mr. He, Yongkang, Chairman of China Dahezhongbang (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ACSFA is the first industry-level non-profit association of cold-formed steel framing industry established under the guidance of IBC/ICC (International Building Code/International Code Council) with a focus on the steel industries in the two countries. The independent legal representative of ACSFA is Professor Yu, Cheng. ACSFA Address: 950 E. State HWY 114, Suite 160, Southlake, TX 76092, United States. Currently, the ACSFA is actively filing for overseas institutions in China, and has established an office in Xiamen. ACSFA website address: https://www.acsfa.org

Q2. What is the organizational structure of ACSFA?

The Member’s Congress is the highest authority organization of ACSFA, and ACSFA has a board of directors. The board of directors has executive board members, which is composed of the president, vice presidents, and directors, and is mainly responsible for handling important tasks of the association. The association holds a general election every two years. The current ACSFA officers are: chairman is Yu Cheng, the vice chairman is He Yongkang, and the secretary general is Li Yanli.

Q3.What is the original intention and purpose of the establishment of?

The goal of ACSFA is to promote the development, application and cooperation of cold-formed steel structure in cold-formed steel framing industry in North America and China by Connecting Members, Supporting Each Other, and Sharing Development.

Q4. What is the business scope of ACSFA?

1) Research and discuss the status quo and development theory, direction, innovation of steel structure, reflect the requirements and wishes of the majority of steel structure and related enterprises to high-level associations and related associations, and propose the technical or commercial suggestions or solutions that the two countries face in the development of the steel industry.

2) Guide and promote member companies to enter the global market, and promote customers globalization for members. Improve the management mechanism, enhance the core competitiveness of products, and improve the level of internationalization for member companies.

3) Provide members with a platform for technical exchanges and business cooperation, organize experience exchanges, and provide relevant guidance to members in need. The association has established an expert committee to provide relevant consultation and technical support on North America building codes and regulations.

4) When it comes to barriers or obstacles between markets in different countries, the association helps organize legal services to support members to be successful in legal affairs.

5) Edit and publish conference journals and publicity materials. Collect, analyze and issue the policies and regulations, literatures and industry market information of North America and China, and promote and display the achievements of the association or its members

6) Develop friendly exchanges between associations and related organizations, and organize international economic and technique exchanges and collaboration.

7) Undertake matters entrusted by government departments, social organizations and members.

8) Carry out activities that are conducive to the development of the industry as needed, such as assisting member companies in handling ICC-ES certification, etc

Q5. What are the conditions for joining ACSFA?

Currently, ACSFA promotes and recruits members in both China and North America. The invitation system is adopted to join the association, and the purpose is to lay a good foundation for the further development of the ACSFA. To apply to join the association, an invitation from the internal council members of ACSFA is required. The specific requirements for membership of council are as follows (meet one of the following 3 points):

1) Leading companies and its ranked in the top 5 in the industry for reference.

2) Influential companies in the industry.

3) Being in the industry for more than 10 years.

Q6. What is the membership fee standard for joining ACSFA?

General Member Company: $1000 annually

Board Member Company: $2000 annually

Executive Board Company: $5000 annually

Vice Chairman Company: $8000 annually

Individual Member (face collage, university or research institute): $100 annually

Q7. How can I quickly join ACSFA?

1) Contact the ACSFA secretariat directly.

2) Contact the one existing council member of ACSFA, and ask them to provide recommendations.

3) Submit the membership application form, company profile, business license, and product catalog to the association. The recommended member must also submit a letter of recommendation. 

E-mail: INFO@acsfa.org. Linkman: Mr. Yu.  Phone: (+1) 214 317 5886. Mobile: (+1) 310 307 6839.

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