On April 30, the ACSFA Chair online sharing meeting was successfully held by America-China Steel Farming Association (ACSFA). Three undergraduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Mississippi were invited to share the design of the ACSFA Chair. President Cheng Yu, vice-president Yongkang He, all members of the association, and members of the secretariat of ACSFA attended the meeting.

During the sharing meeting, the three designers introduced a patio chair designed with cold-formed steel and shared market research of leisure chair, material performance parameters, and design concepts, size and safety factor settings, mechanical properties analysis of ACSFA Chair. They expressed their team hopes that this chair will allow ACSFA to display cold-formed steel to the public in a more intuitive way at exhibitions or other forms of activities.

Participants conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the three designers on the strength of the chair material, the cross-sectional shape and size of the stressed member, the structure of the connection node, the finite element analysis of chair model and mechanical performance, etc.

The sharing meeting gave participants not only a preliminary understanding of the design of chairs, but also a new understanding of the wide range of use of cold-formed steel. At the same time, the sharing meeting also provided a certain degree of design basics for expansion the application market of cold-formed steel.

ACSFA is hosting ICC-ES Certification Conference now. Visitors could watch our streaming live by scanning QR code or click the link below:

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ACSFA President, Cheng Yu, Ph.D., P.E. is invited to make a presentation at AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) Online Research Session on July 1, 2020, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT. Dr. Yu’s presentation is about new design methods on the clip angle connectors in cold-formed steel framing construction. The new methods are based on Dr. Yu’s previous work and provided more comprehensive solutions for a common connection with seemingly little attention given to it. Dr. Yu’s previous work were published as AISI Research Reports in 2015 and 2018.

Projects to be reported at the AISI Online Research Session:

  • CFS Clip Angles with Multiple Lines of Screws (UNT) by Cheng Yu
  • Steel Stud Assemblies Bearing on Conc. Slabs Phase 2 (UM-A) by Kara Peterman
  • CFS Design using Discrete and Sheathing Bracing (JHU) by Ben Schafer

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As of March 31 Tuesday evening, at least 188,713 people across every state, plus Washington, D.C., and four U.S. territories, have tested positive for the coronavirus. At least 3,896 patients infected with the virus have died. Especially, there are 7,477 patients tested positive in California state.

The doctors and nurses at the Irvine Medical Center of the University of California have been working around the clock to help save thousands of patients. In addition, knowing that the UCI Medical Center urgently needed sanitary protection supplies during this epidemic, the America-China Steel Framing Association was able to raise must-needed surgical face masks, these items were sent by the General Secretary Sally YL Lee to the school’s designated donation point on March 31st, 2020.

On behalf of the ACSFA,  we hope patients will get better soon and people around the world will stay healthy and safe and overcome this challenging period.

“Thank you all the medical workers on the front line of this war to save lives and support for your well-being!” This is the love and respect from the American-Chinese Steel Framing Association (ACSFA.ORG)!